Awards at the Giles School 2018-2019 


Byron GermainAward (Grade 4) 

Michail Doundarov – 100% Score – recipient of National Honour Medal & Certificate of Distinction (Canadian Champion) 

*Certificate of Distinction awarded to the following Giles students who scored above the Canadian national average 

  •  Claire Soon
  •  Jacob Obeid
  •  Justin Chan
  • Courtney Wong 
  •  Jupitier Sartorio 
  •  Zoe Watson
  •  Surena Hosseini

Fibonacci Award (Grade 5) 

Albert Fang – Certificate of Distinction & Medal for Highest score  

*Certificate of participation 

  •  Mira Zine-El Abidine 
  •  William Gao 
  •  Justin Wong
  • Sophie Jolivet 
  • Evan Bauslaugh 

PythagoresAward (Grade 6) 

Elena Rastani – Medal for Highest Score

Euler Award (Grade 8) 

Amelia Chow & Amelia Wei – Medals for Highest Scores 


French Debate Competition

Group Affirmative 

(Le gouvernement en faveur de l’aide médicale à mourir.) 

  •  Rita Schmerler- PM (Premier Minister & DPM (Député Minister)  
  •  Geneviève Lee- MG (Minister du Gouvernement)  
  •  Amelia Hui – GBG (GB Gouvernement)  

French Speech Competition

1st – Michail Doundarov- Le dressage des animaux aux cirques 
1st – Mira Zine-El Abidine- Al Gore 
2nd – Juliette Lee- Ann Frank 
2nd – Sophie Jolivet- Les salaires des hommes et des femmes 
3rd- Jacob Obeid- Pas la punition 

French Spelling Bee Competition  

1st– Nethra Dave

2nd– Max Rodriguez   

3rd– Maya Assaad


Grade 4 Science Fair Champions
1st – Isabella Garito – Does Breastmilk have Antibacterial properties?  
2nd- Michail Doundarov- Does the frother affect the flotation process?  
2nd – Jacob Obeid – Gravity VS Air Resistance  
3rd – Aneil Chawla- Batter up!  

Grade 5 Science Fair Champions
1st – Iris Schmerler and Sophie – Making Music with Bottles  
2nd – Mira Zine-El Abidine and Juliette- Do Electronics affect your sleep? 
3rd – Justin Wong- Going Bananas 

Grade 6 Science Fair Champions
1st – Elena- Does the 5 second rule work in different locations? 
2nd – Mairirois O’Reilly Wilks- How does salt water conduct electricity?  
3rd – Julie Michael- why do leaves change colours? 

Grade 7/8 Science Fair Champions
1st – Alexander Koros Larlee- An Automated Greenhouse for Plant Experiments
2nd – Genevieve Lee- Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Ontario  
3rd – Amelia Hui- The Dirty truth behind make-up testers  

Young Scientist Awardat the Toronto Science Fair($100 prize) . 

Alexander Koros Larlee- An Automated Greenhouse for Plant Experiments


Giles Music Leadership Award – Sophie Jolivet

Music Above and Beyond Award– Michail Doundarov 

Giles Good Citizen & Outstanding Effort Award – Amelia Chow 

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