This page includes details for  admissions to the 2020-21 school year. All admissions require families to read the Giles School Family Handbook:

Application packages for the 2020-21 school year are posted HERE for New Applicants


2020-21 school year click below: 


2020-21 TUITION

  • Pre-K, half day (option for Pre-K1 only) – $13,300
  • Pre-K 1 & 2, full day – $22,000
  • JK – SK – $22,750
  • Grades 1-8 – $23,400


  • Application Fee – $525
  • One-Time Enrolment Fee  per family- $3,900 *First year of attendance
  • Maintenance Fee – 1/2 Day Pre-K ($300); Full Day PK/JK/SK/Grades 1-8 ($625)
  • Activity Fees: 1/2 day Pre-K ($400); Full Day PK ($500);JK–SK ($600); Grades 1–8 ($1,200)


Sibling Discount – At The Giles School we provide a sibling discount, for each additional student in a family. The second family member would have 10% discount from their tuition fee; a third family member would be 20%. The third family member would pay a 30% discount tuition fee…Please contact the school if you have any questions about the sibling discount.

Activity Fees – This fee will set up an account for each child in order to cover the cost of items needed and activities organized throughout the school year.The Giles School gather these fees up front to reduce the amount of payments going back and forth for the following items:

  • field trips
  • pizza days
  • special workshops by guests experts (artists/scientist in residence…)
  • musical instrument rentals
  • textbook upgrades
  • special technology materials/licenses
  • agendas

The costs for the catered lunch program, childcare, fall/or spring break camp, uniforms, or class pictures are not part of the activity fee pay structure. All families receive an itemized  Activity Fee Account Balance at the end of the school year. Funds remaining are credited to each family for the next school year. When students graduate the school issues cheques to each family with the remaining funds. These cheques are mailed to each home in July of the student’s graduating year.

*There are a few openings in some classrooms for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. If you are interested, please contact the school for more details: