There are no hidden fees at the Giles School

The Giles School prides its admissions process on being open and explicit when it comes to tuition and annual fees. There are no hidden costs. Everything your family needs to know is found on this page.


Pre-K, half day (option for Pre-K1 only) – $12,900
Pre-K 1 & 2, full day – $21,500
JK – SK – $22,167
Grades 1-8 – $23,400


Application/Re-registrant Deposit – $5,800
One-Time Enrolment Fee – $3,800
Application Fee – $500
Activity Fee, Pre-K – $300
Activity Fee, JK–SK – $500
Activity Fee, Grades 1–8 – $1,000
Capital Maintenance Fee – $600

Application Deposit – $5,800

A non-refundable deposit of $5,800 is payable with the return of your application form. For new registrants $1,500 of this deposit will be applied to the tuition fees upon payment of the first installment as per the selected plan and $500 will be applied to the application fee. For re-registrants the full amount will be applied to the tuition fees upon payment of the first installment as per the selected plan.

Capital Maintenance Fee – $600

This is the annual fee for all students.

Enrolment Fee – $3,800

This is a one-time payment of $3,800 and is only applied in the first year of attendance at The Giles School.

Activity Fee – $300, $500, or $1,000

This fee will set up an account for each child in order to cover the cost of items purchased through the school and activities throughout the school year. You will be given an itemized account balance at the end of each term. Should the funds be insufficient to cover expenses, additional funds will be needed to replenish the activity fee account. Any remaining balance will be refunded to you at the end of the school year. In the case of returning students, it will be retained for the next school year, and credited to your child’s account.

Items charged to the account include but are not limited to: agendas, musical instrument rentals, pizza days, class trips, in-class workshops, book replacement and technology.

Items not included in the activity fee include but are not limited to the school’s catered lunch program, fall and spring break childcare, class pictures, or gym uniforms and used uniform purchases.