The Giles School Wins in Third Language Competitions

Through the month of April various students and classes from The Giles School have been competing in the 14th Chinese Arts and Literary Contest for Youth. The contests include solo and class categories with the competition consisting mainly of native speaking Mandarin schools. The Giles School was the only French Immersion school competing and our results were outstanding! (more…)

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Inspiring News About The Giles Third Language Program!

On April 4th, 2012, the spring of last year, The Giles School entered the 12th Annual Chinese Art and Literary Contest for Youth with the intent of presenting our children an exceptional challenge - one that would inspire and motivate them to achieve the goal of acquiring the basic communication skills of their third language. Our category was Choral Speaking (Poetry) and the Grade Four class competed against highly skilled and motivated Chinese first language private schools. A formidable task that was confronted with vigor, pride and skill. Inspiring it was - in both directions! (more…)

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Thinking in a Foreign Language Helps Economic Decision-Making

Guest post by William Harms
In a study with implications for business people in a global economy, researchers at the University of Chicago have found that people make more rational decisions when they think through a problem in a non-native tongue. People are more likely to take favorable risks if they think in a foreign language, the new study showed. “We know from previous research that because people are naturally loss-averse, they often forgo attractive opportunities,” said UChicago psychologist Boaz Keysar, a leading expert on communication. “Our new findings demonstrate that such aversion to losses is much reduced when people make decisions in their non-native language." (more…)

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