The Giles Method

The Giles classroom is animated by democratic principles drawn from the tenants of an Adlerian education. Every child is socially equal and unique, inspired by their teachers to build relationships through cooperation and contribution.

Children develop vibrant identities at The Giles School because their learning experience is framed by encouraging natural, dynamic personality development through intellectual challenges.

They’re supported by their teachers, not simply taught. They’re led to discovery, encouraged through positive achievements, recognition, and community involvement. The school mission is fulfilled when students display active adaptability, optimism, courage, self-confidence, and social interest lasting long after they graduate.

The Giles Method is based on the proven research that early academic intervention makes young brains better learners across all academic subjects.

When Harry giles founded The Toronto French School in 1962, he founds that exposing young children to a second language advanced their performances in other areas of study. These findings were supported and justified when Torsten Wiesel and David H. Hubel were awarded the Nobel Prize just under 20 years later for proving that without appropriate and targeted stimulation, neural pathways die and can never be repaired.

Strengthened by these findings, Harry Giles went to work. He hypothesized that it was not just a second language that stimulated the neural pathways of his students, but all mentally stimulating activities. Adding math, science, art and music to his early learning curriculum, the outcome was extraordinary.

Implementing this new framework, Giles coined the original term, ‘operating intelligence’ to define the level at which a child functions in the world and their ability to grasp concepts.

Students at The Giles School are working one to two grades ahead of students in the public and private school system. The implications based on the first come, first served selection process concludes that The Giles Method is effective for any child because it is structured around the scientific facts of human brain development.