Playful and Interactive learning continues in Kindergarten

The Giles School offers a full- and morning half-day program for children starting at age 2 in French. The majority of children enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) programs at The Giles School do not come from francophone families but will attain native-like fluency by Grade 3.

Children learn in a curriculum centred around playful interactive stories, games, songs and more stimulating activities. They flourish in a safe, intimate and nurturing environment designed purposefully to encourage curiosity and adventure.

Children in Pre-K programs enjoy large bright classroom and dedicated washroom and lunch facilities in an exclusive area of the school. There are two snacks, three recesses and a 90 minute lunch every day. All children are encouraged to be toilet-trained before starting the program, though it is not compulsory. All children are nurtured towards independent toilet routines at school.

Students in the Pre-K program enjoy many age-appropriate field trips during the school year including farms, science centres, and participate in any off-site art workshops to complement the school’s curriculum.