Pillars & Promises

Awaken the mind, quicken the spirit and stir the heart


The motto of The Giles School is to awaken the mind, quicken the spirit and stir the heart.

Cultivating a Mission from the Motto

The Giles community is a deliberately small school that fosters an inclusive, innovative and international education. The awakening of the mind is harnessed by a promise to develop innovative learners; the quickening of the spirit is fostered by a heightened awareness of international cultures through the acquisition of multiple languages. The promise to stir the heart is grounded in an appreciation for inclusiveness, a small school where everyone belongs.

To this end the school has solid principles in place to support several key pillars that serve as a foundation for this unique school. The value of Inclusiveness is evidenced by the family feeling and focus on love. Being international is fostered by the acquisition of multiple languages, and being innovative is possible because of the pillars of high academic standards and early intervention.

Stir the Heart

Love is reflected through the caring, responsive, creative, intuitive relationship woven between teacher and child. This exceptional quality found in our staff is grounded in a profound understanding of the uniqueness of each child and the various stages of growth and development that they experience. 

The Giles School offers enriched interaction in small classes with an emphasis on personalized, tutorial-style instruction. We offer a holistic focus on the unique learning needs of each child. Our curriculum lives within an inclusive learning environment where it is safe to explore, take risks and achieve the highest academic outcomes. We’re committed to a school that “stirs the heart”!  


At the Giles School we awaken the mind by offering the highest curriculum standards in both French and English. Our unique curriculum is informed from exceptional programs originating around the globe. The Giles School provides early exposure to our comprehensive, multi-sensory early learning program focused on world languages, mathematics, science, and the arts for Pre-Kindergarten (age two) to Grade 1. Such an innovative approach to academics propels Giles students to be very successful on Canadian Test of Basic Skills (99th percentile). We are proud that our students rank two to three grade levels ahead of peers in other schools. 

Quicken the International Spirit  

The Giles School celebrates its distinct academic program that features French Immersion and a rigorous pursuit of Mandarin. French and Mandarin were purposefully chosen to maximize the operating intelligence, cognitive efficiency and sophisticated social intelligence of each child. In this students learn to balance both phonetic and symbolic understandings of language.

Bilingualism – Our French immersion program reflects our commitment to Canada’s official languages and is based on the national curriculum of France, establishing the school as universally unique in the field of local education. Intensive French immersion at The Giles School begins at any point from Pre-Kindergarten (age two) to Grade 1, capitalizing on children’s optimal language learning capacity in the early years.

Mandarin – Emphasis on early, multiple language acquisition makes The Giles School one of the most advanced language schools in Canada. Regular Mandarin instruction begins in Grade 1 to improve creative and abstract thinking relevant for overall academic performance and global communication.