Congratulations to Our French Public Speakers!

Join us in celebrating the winners of the 4th Annual French Public Speaking Contest (Concours d’art oratoire) held Tuesday, January 31st. Well done!

Our first place winner is Mirabella from the Grade 4 class for her speech on “l’espace”. Coming in at second place from our Grade 6 class is Philip for his speech on “les cadeaux de Noël, quand est-ce que c’est trop?” and in third place is Grade 6 student Amelia H. for her speech on “l’Atlantide”.

We hope you will enjoy the selection of speeches showcasing the competition below. Once again, congratulations to our winners and to all participants!

1st Place Contestant, Mirabella: l’espace


Contestant, Amelia: Le koala


Contestant, Evelyn: les écureuils


Contestant, Jean-Luc: le combat contre l’esclavage


Contestant, Tess: Viola Desmond


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