At The Giles School we believe that each and every child can exceed standard expectations if accorded the maximal conditions for social, physical and intellectual growth. We do not prescreen to ensure academic success but provide a nurturing learning community committed to discovering and realizing the distinctive cognitive and social intelligence in each child.

Canadian Test of Basic Skills (CTBS)

CTBS is a standardized test for Grade 3 through 6 children that is used by both private and public schools across the country. Once again our school ranked in the 99th percentile, but more impressive than that is our grade averages:

  • Grade 3 – working at a Grade 5.8 level or 2.8 grades above the national average
  • Grade 4 – working at a Grade 7.2 level or 3.2 grades above the national average
  • Grade 5 – working at a Grade 9.5 level or 4.5 grades above the national average
  • Grade 6 – working at a Grade 10.1 level or 4.1 grades above the national average

This gap between our average grade score continues to grow in comparison to the national average on an annual basis!


Our third language program is producing remarkable results.

  • The Giles School holds the honour of being the first school to have students with perfect scores in the YCT Mandarin test as administered by the HSK Toronto Centre. We have had students score perfectly once again on the 2016 exam.
  • Giles students again placed well in the Annual Chinese Arts & Literary Contest for Youth, including a 3rd place finish for our Grade 2 class in Choral Speaking and with 1st and 2nd place finishes for individual student entries in Solo Singing and Handwriting respectively.
  • Most often The Giles School is the only non-Chinese school taking part in these events.

As a school community we take great pride in our children and their astonishing success. Our long-standing commitment to groundbreaking pedagogy broadens and enriches the intellectual and social intelligences of all children in our care.

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