We are thrilled to announce our new Intensive French class for Grades 4–8 students looking to transfer into The Giles School for the 2019-20 academic year. With limited spaces available, this class is open to eight students who previously missed out on French immersive education.

Students enrolled in the Intensive program will spend that class time catching up on French, and join their classmates for English-taught Science, Mathematics, and English lessons. After a year in the Intensive, they will be ready to participate with the rest of the students in French education at their grade level.

Because French immersion is one of the six pillars of our school, we were previously unable to accommodate otherwise high-achieving students in later grades. While the Intensive is first-come, first-served, a condition for acceptance is a passing score in a math, science, and English assessment test.

“Parents are already interested in this initiative, and no wonder,” says Caroline Bernaba, Principal of The Giles School. “Before it was ‘too late’ to give children the benefits of French immersion, but the Intensive brings children up to speed in French while they receive our world-class instruction in subjects they already excel in.”

Do you want your Grade 4–8 child to have every advantage? Inquire today about The Giles School’s French Intensive!

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