In-School Activities

Pizza Day

The last Friday of each month is Pizza Day. At the beginning of the school year a memo is sent home for ordering the number of slices desired. Payment is charged to the child’s activity account.

Pizza Day has two purposes: first, the students really enjoy it; second, it is a fundraising effort for the individual classes. Money raised by Pizza Day goes towards items such as performance rewards or material for class projects. On Pizza Day, there is no uniform required. Parents must send in two snacks with their child.

Holiday Celebrations

Most holiday celebrations are independently arranged within each class to suit the age of the students and their educational programme. Occasions for which students may make decorations or have a party include Thanksgiving, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. As a non-sectarian school we do not promote religious celebrations. We may recognize and discuss different religious and cultural customs, but will not highlight one over another. The goal of The Giles School is to be inclusive and suitable for students of diverse backgrounds. Third language teachers may celebrate cultural customs such as Chinese New Year within the class.

Winter Music Concert

The Giles School Winter Music Concert is an eagerly awaited show that is staged and performed by students in the last week of the fall term. Each class prepares songs and dances appropriate to their age level. Grade 4 and above each have a class band that perform as well. At the show each class, from the youngest to the eldest, performs in turn. The concert is a group project in which the members of each class work together. It ushers children into the exhilarating experience of preparing for and presenting their work to an audience. Parents and families are welcome to come and enjoy the performance.

Science Fairs

To encourage interest in and facility with science, the school holds annual Science Fairs for all students. Grades 4 and up have a Science Fair in the winter and Pre-K through Grade 3 in spring. Reminder memos are circulated as the events draw near. While younger class projects are managed by teachers, students take on increasing responsibility as they advance academically. Pre-K through Grade 3 students gain the experience of the science fair with no formal judging but once students reach Grade 4 projects are judged according to grade level and winning students receive certificates in recognition of their achievements. A select group of older students will then participate in the Toronto Sci-Tech Fair. The medalists from the Toronto fair will be invited to participate in the Canadian Sci-Tech Fair. Parents are encouraged to attend the exhibitions.

Spring Music Concert

A long anticipated seasonal rite, The Spring Music Concert in May is an afternoon of song and dance by all students. Parents and teachers are delighted by performing children whom Mr. Giles regards as “the little ones who depend on us to grow and become the wonderful human beings we want them to be.” Indeed, the concert reminds us that “with children, it is impossible not to love them, and to want to try to keep them perfect.”

Student of the Month

Mr. Giles passionately believes that “if there is one thing our society needs, it is leaders who are able, honest, intelligent, well-informed and compassionate.” Exemplifying what The Giles School envisions for all children, the Student of the Month programme breathes life into the praiseworthy principles behind democratic action and the responsibility that goes with it: thoughtful, considerate and honorable leadership. The “Student of the Month” is not based on academic ability but character building. Each month, one student is selected from each class spanning Pre-K to Grade 3. Teachers, childcare staff and classmates recognize children for caring and responsible contributions to the classroom community. Certificates are awarded and parents are invited to the presentation.

International Day

International Day is about reflecting on the diversity of our school. Students gain a greater understanding and tolerance for that diversity while learning about other countries around the world. Student groups choose a country to represent for their International Day project which might include national facts, cultural information, food and costumes.