This September The Giles School is introducing Robotics to our programme. These classes will be presented by Logics Academy, a co-curricular service provider specializing in Robotics & Aerospace Education. The programme is integrated into the regular Science programme for Grades 4 to 6 and offered as an after school activity for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3.

A recent Back to School CBC Report discusses the prediction by the federal government that STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) related jobs would increase dramatically by the year 2022. The report highlights Canada’s lack of response to this prediction in practise and policy, citing the need for a greater emphasis on introducing STEM related curriculum including coding, robotics etc. into our classrooms as core programming, rather than as electives taken by few. (There are valuable links embedded in the article that navigate to other related items to obtain a complete view of the issue of addressing the future by teaching technology in schools.)

At the Giles School we are committed to Read About the Giles Method. We are a nurturing learning community that strives to develop in our children the creative and innovative minds that will help shape their future life as well as the future of our country. The creative, innovative mind is spawned in early childhood and continues throughout the educational experience for each and every child. To invest in education at the secondary or post-secondary level is too late according to the late renowned early childhood specialist, Fraser Mustard. The time for optimal development of the neural pathways for the innovative mind is childhood. The addition of robotics to the Giles programme furthers our school’s commitment to nurturing creative, innovative minds beginning at the ages where it is most optimal.

It is a well-documented fact that Canada’s current non-renewable resource based economy is unsustainable into the long-term future. Our children and beyond will be challenged to experience the security with which our generation is familiar. The foundation of the economy for the child of today and their children will be Canada’s fundamental innovation performance on pioneering inputs and business environmental conditions directly related to ‘innovation’.

The key to challenging this problem, at all levels of public policy, currently targets Secondary and Post-Secondary education and the resulting high level research. However, this exclusively delivers a short-term strategy and ignores the challenge of developing a broad-based Canadian human resource base of pioneering minds that drive the development of the eco-system of innovation of our economy.

Since its inception The Giles School has possessed the expertise, vitality and dedication to dramatically influence the development and articulation of public policy in education and early childhood development. We expect nothing less of ourselves as the current landscape of public policy regresses.

Our long-standing commitment to ground-breaking pedagogy, starting with our founder Harry Giles, broadens and enriches the intellectual and social intelligences of all children in our care. ‘All children’ is reflected in the absence of pre-screening admission tests and our modest tuition fees. This is principally accomplished by investing in an ongoing exhaustive review of current educational research. We set the standard upon which other schools, private or public, measure their success!

Evidence the success of Giles students on a national level:

  • Top 1% in the nation on the Canadian Test of Basic Skills.
  • 2 to 3 grade levels ahead of their peers on the same test.
  • First school to have students score perfectly on a standardized Mandarin test, and as the only non-Chinese speaking school in participation.
  • Standout performances in significant contests in Mathematics, Science, French and Mandarin languages.

The timely introduction of robotics and other STEM related curriculum at The Giles School serves to enhance the solid foundation of learning already preparing our children for a future where innovation and technology will be paramount. As you are aware we introduced the use of the iPad as an instructional tool 3 years ago. The robotics programme will be built upon the tremendous success experienced with the iPad implementation.

As a school we are always looking to ways we may enhance our programme without increasing costs to your child’s education. The cost of delivering this programme to Grade 4 through 6 classes has been accommodated by reducing the number of off-site fieldtrips by approximately 7 per year thereby offsetting costs of delivering the robotics programme (largely material costs) which will be charged to each students activity account. These changes will result in an approximate savings of $70 per year per student. We believe this to be a superior educational experience and more economical for our families in the long run.

With this new programme The Giles School continues its enduring commitment and profile of providing leadership to the nation’s public policy makers.

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