French Immersion Program


The Benefits of French Immersion Education

Becoming fluent in a second language at an early age strengthens mental agility and creative thinking for life.

Students at The Giles School begin an intensive French immersion program at the Pre-K level. Although the majority of children at The Giles School do not come from French-speaking families, children attain an impressive level of fluency by Grade 1 and native-like pronunciation by Grade 3 without assistance of bilingual parents.

Many new families can get anxious about helping their children with homework if French isn’t spoken at home. The Giles School only ask parents to encourage good study habits as children should complete their homework themselves. Children are never given homework they’re not able to complete. If a student experiences difficulty, teachers need to see it in the work to remedy the issue.

Daily instruction in English starts in Grade 2 focusing on grammar and literature. Music and art instruction may be taught in English, as well as higher level Math and Science. Any language may be used at lunches, recess and afterschool care.