As part of our strategy to provide stability to The Giles community of learners and their families, the Board of Directors is delighted to announce that the School has entered into a new five year lease agreement for 80 Scarsdale Road that extends through to July 31, 2018. This agreement also includes a further 5 year option to renew – which would extend our tenancy through to July 31, 2023.

Consider the exciting possibilities that are presented to us now!

Our new lease arrangements will enable us to prudently invest in the development of the building for the longer-term. We will be able to improve the school’s physical facilities and thereby better meet the needs and abilities of our learners as well as further enrich program delivery.

Permanent solutions will be implemented for some of our continuing and annoying facility issues! The redesign of the play and parking lot areas to make better use of our outdoor space; the development of the third floor as instructional space; the redesign of our washrooms to better meet age specific needs; the addition of barrier free washrooms; the addition of classroom specific amenities such as sinks as well as additional electrical outlets; the assessment and upgrading of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system are among some of the planned major improvements.

Now that we have secured our home for the foreseeable future, the Board of Directors will conduct strategic planning exercise in early 2013 with the objective of further developing our school.

The future of The Giles School is a bright one. We look forward to continuing to build a sustainable, nurturing and educationally rich environment for our learners.

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