The Giles Staff

The Giles School prides itself on selecting the most qualified teachers to instruct our students. All of our qualified and experienced teachers are selected based on their love of children, learning, their level of native French, and experience with grade and subject matter.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Rabia Lamrad, Pre-Kindergarten 1 Teacher

Souleima Yamout, Pre-Kindergarten 2 Teacher

Asma Shamim, Assistant Pre-Kindergarten 1 & 2 

Mariem Attal, Junior Kindergarten (JK) Teacher

Micheline El Maalouf, Assistant JK

Ghada Bando, Senior Kindergarten (SK) Teacher

Carole Al-Hakim, Grade 1 Teacher

Ludmila Belevich, Grade 2 Teacher

Caroline Mekhail, Grade 3 French Teacher; Social Studies, Grades 4 to 8

Madeleine El Dabaghi, Grades 4 Homeroom teacher; Science & Math 4-8

Mary Wilson, Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher; Grade 2, 5-8 English  

Amal Ragheb, Grade 6-8 Homeroom teacher; Grades 4-8 French Teacher

Lauren Black, Grade 3 & 4 English

Lucy Yang, Mandarin 

Maryanne Kirby, Physical and Health Education 

Jorge Morales, Music 


Caitlin Robertson, Administrative Assistant, Room 100, ext 221

Thérèse Awad, Data Manager, Room 315, ext. 223

Nimrod De Los Reyes, Site Maintenance 

Gina Hernandez, Cleaning Staff

Caroline Bernaba, Vice-Principal –, – Room 110, Ext. 231

Caroline Bernaba was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. She was educated as a young child at a private French school. She attended Beirut University College in Lebanon to study business management followed by teacher’s college where she was granted a number one teaching certificate. Caroline began her long career at The Giles School with a Grade 1 teaching position in 1993. Her collaboration with Harry Giles in improving and strengthening the Pre-K through Grade 3 curriculum has been instrumental in the development of The Giles School. She continued her training at York University in the Faculty of Education where she earned her Private School Principal 2 certificate in 2012. Her teaching skills and long commitment to The Giles School. Throughout her 25 years at The Giles School Caroline has been a mentor and trainer for many teachers. She has also established numerous school traditions, among other achievements. Her steadfast dedication to the school has set an example for the entire Giles community.

Barbara Smith, Principal,, Room 138, Ext. 226.

Barbara Smith is a passionate educator who challenges the idea of mediocrity in schools. Barb, as she prefers to be called, has a background that includes over thirty-five years in public, charter, independent and international schools, as well as work with educators in three teaching faculties and graduate schools in Canada. Dr. Smith holds a PhD in Education and has been an author of several books and an extensive selection of curriculum. Barb has started three new schools and been a principal in Washington, DC and Middleburg, VA. When Dr. Smith was in Toronto she worked as the VP, Academic Program at the Sterling Hall School, in addition to working as a teacher educator at the Institute of Child Studies. Part of Barb Smith’s educational philosophy includes:

I believe that making memories is clearly at the heart of building a meaningful, sustainable and cutting edge school. To this end, all members of a school community should have opportunities to contribute to making such enduring impressions…Leaders are expected to read more, risk more, and do more. In terms of accountability I am committed to transparency and fairness for staff and students. As an educator and school leader, I value creativity, compassion, collaboration and critical thinking, and believe that if we can build and support schools with such foundations, schools can be inspiring and engaging places for students, ready and motivated to build an incredible future.