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Barbecue Fundraising Event - June 2022
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Every year, The Giles School organizes a fundraising event, not only to help in a good cause, but also to create a sense of awareness that everyone can contribute to help shape a better future for our students. 

Our Fundraising event's principal theme was to have a barbecue feast on the 17th of June, and bring our students, parents and teachers together in the Giles School Yard.

Our students enjoyed the great food such as falafel, kafta sandwiches, ice cream and juice, and learned that the purpose of this fundraiser is to help our school in buying music instruments and equipments for the Science Lab so they can use them in the next school year.

We would like to thank Mr. Fadi Obeid, the Parents Association members and the parent volunteers that helped make this event a success!

Click here to see the event's photos.

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