Parent Pipeline


Life is busy. You want the best for your children but can’t always be there to do everything for them. The Giles School understands the demands of today’s busy parents and offers student services to complement your lifestyle. The life of a Giles School student is rich and varied. The school offers enlightened and fun activity programming.  Students can participate in Science Fairs, pizza days and after school programs with a complement of clubs that support the whole child; we understand that students need stimulation beyond academics.

The Giles School aims to offer services that make your day as easy as possible.

After school childcare is included as part of the tuition, nutritious hot lunches are delivered to the school and bussing is available for those with a complex commute.

Lunch and Snacks

Students eat lunch in their classrooms under the supervision of their teachers. Teachers have access to a fridge and microwave. Parents are required to help keep our environment nut and peanut free. Children must be sent to school with two snacks: one for morning, and one for afternoon. Instead of packing a lunch for your child, you may take advantage of our lunch programme.

In addition to providing access to hot lunches and transportation, the Giles School offers before care and after school care for our students.


The Giles School makes it easy for parents to orchestrate work schedules with children’s drop off and pick up. Since childcare is included in the price of tuition, parents are spared the expense of arranging supervision directly before and after school. Extended childcare is available from 5 pm – 6 pm for the cost of $5 a day. As the school normally closes after 6 pm, the cost for childcare increases to $50 after 6 pm. We want to encourage all members of our community to be healthy and well rested to learn the next day.

The Pre-K to SK students stay in the classroom area of the school until 6 pm, separate from the older students. When there are fewer students in aftercare the longer and older students are often combined for the final half hour.   of the day.


Free childcare is also available on Professional Development (PD) days until 5 pm.

Childcare and November and March Break Camps

The Giles School offers a November Break Camp and a March Break Camp (cost not included in tuition) for one of the two weeks of the break. By continuing to provide students with a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment, The Giles School makes school closures less disruptive for both parents and children.

Pick Up/Drop Off and Parking

The Giles School has a pick up and drop off system for parents as well as guidelines for its limited parking.