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The Ontario Federation of Independent Schools is a service association for independent schools providing visible, standard-setting leadership to member schools. OFIS encourages greater public understanding and appreciation for independent schools. The Giles School is a Gold Member of OFIS.


The Giles School’s Science teachers are members in the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario (STAO). This membership provides opportunities for our teachers to be exposed to new Science online resources, attend the annual STAO conference, and be a part of the ScienceWorks workshops.


The SSAF provides small independent schools with the opportunity to engage in friendly competition with other private schools in a variety of sports and athletics. 


The Giles School is committed to foster high-quality education for our students and have positive impact to our community. American Educational Research Association provides various resources, networking opportunities and trainings.


Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development is a community that empowers teachers to transform their vision into practice. ASCD works with educators to help them find their voice to reach many. 


As a mathematics educator at the Giles School, our passion is ensuring that all students receive the highest quality math education possible. NCTM offers us connections to an expansive network of fellow math educators to exchange knowledge and information.


CAfLN is a designed to connect people across Canada with an interest in assessment, so that they can learn from, with and on behalf of one another. 


Additional Memberships & Associations

UNESCO candidate school

UNESCO Associated School (Candidate School)

CIS ontario candidate school

Conference of Independent Schools (Candidate School)