As history tends to repeat itself, we’re finding comments made by The Giles School founder Harry Giles relevant once again:

“…a fascinating paper [has been written] by Harry Giles, the legendary headmaster who founded the Toronto French School in 1962 and who now runs the small, elite private Giles School in Don Mills. For years, Mr. Giles has been criticizing the Ontario education system for its declining standards and its political correctness; his new ‘Giles Report’ is a broad summary of how he would change the public system if he were given god-like powers…

Mr. Giles is a strong advocate of second-and even third-language education, beginning very early in life. He believes parents need to keep their children away from television and get them reading. He sees old-fashioned phonics training as the key to building reading skills. He favours independent, high-stakes standardized testing throughout the career of the student – and not just testing, but tough testing, modelled on classic versions of the British A-levels and the baccalaureat français. He believes children should be expected to perform acceptably at their grade level before advancing to the next.”

Marni Soupcoff, “Listen to Harry Giles,” excerpted from the October 15, 2007 edition of The National Post.

A lot of what our founder said over a decade ago is still foundational to our school: multiple, early language learning and annual examinations beginning at Grade 1. It sounds tough, but also foundational to The Giles School is nurturing the whole child – Giles kids are happy kids.

Book a tour and see how a school based on the “Giles Report” could be right for your child.

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