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It surely is an incredible honor to recognize our alumni who are doing phenomenal in various fields. We pride to have witnessed their success story and shared their inspiring journeys here at the Giles School.
We have had students who have joined UTS (University of Toronto School), TFS (Toronto French School), UCC (Upper Canada College), Crescent School, BSS (The Bishop Strachan School), St. Clement's School, Havergal College, St. Andrew's College and other renowned schools in Canada. 
We at the Giles School, strive to continuously provide the students with a transforming learning experience; which is conducted in an inclusive, diverse, welcoming and stimulating environment.
It is a known fact that our school curriculum has been designed and developed focusing on preparing kids for their post-secondary education. The self-discovery activities, as well as the vast number of services and resources available to our students, help them to develop the skills they need to become successful in the competitive world.
It is amazing when our alumni come back and tell us their success stories. It reminds us why we do the work we do. 
Congratulations to all of our alumni who have succeeded in life and have achieved the goals they set for themselves.

AlbertFang Photo
Hi! I am Albert. I went to Saint Andrew’s College after graduating from The Giles School in June 2020. The knowledge I gained in multiple languages over my time at The Giles School is invaluable. The curriculum put me ahead and allowed me to progress at a great speed in highschool. I recommend The Giles School for the preparation it gives students in all subjects, especially French language skills.
Aneil Chaw Photo

Hello, I’m Aneil. I am a student at Crescent, but I went to The Giles School before that. It was a wonderful beginning to my education. I felt safe and supported by everyone at The Giles School. I want to thank my teachers for making learning engaging and fun, and my friends for making me laugh! I recommend you go visit The Giles School to see what it is all about!

AvaLavasani Photo

Hi! My name is Ava. I graduated from The Giles School in June 2022, and continued my studies at St. Clements. The community focus at The Giles School was a wonderful atmosphere for my early education. I felt supported by my teachers and knew all of my classmates very well. I learned so much in this supportive atmosphere! I highly recommend The Giles School for a fun, nurturing education. 

Genevieve Photo

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Genevieve. After many years at The Giles School, I graduated from grade 8 in 2019. I was fortunate to be accepted to all of the public and private  high schools to which I applied. I chose to attend Claude Watson School for the Arts. My time at The Giles School helped me to learn to balance the aspects of my academic and personal life. I was supported in my curricular learning while also given time to grow my artistic endeavours. I will always remember the strength of the community and the amazing opportunities I was given within the school. I highly recommend that you consider this amazing and supportive atmosphere for your education!

Hannah Gholeizadeh Photo

Hi! I’m Hannah. I attended The Giles School for many years, and in September 2022 was accepted to Toronto Montessori School. My favourite part of The Giles  School experience is getting to know the teachers and students so well. It feels like a school family. I’ve known some of my classmates since PreK, and we were always so excited to welcome a new student into our class. I loved being a part of The Giles School, and I think you will too!

IbrahimElgammal Photo

Bonjour mon nom est Ibrahim, je suis un ancien diplômé de l’école Giles. J’étudie actuellement à l’UCC. L’atmosphère de L’école Giles est fantastique, j’ai pu y relever des défis personnels et parfaire mes compétences académiques et individuelles. Je m’y suis fait de vrais amis. Je suis très intéressé par la technologie et j’ai adoré les événements de sciences et de robotique organisés par l’école Giles. Vous devez définitivement considérer l’école Giles si vous êtes à la recherche d’un milieu engageant en terme d’éducation.

Jupiter Sartorio Photo

Hi, my name is Jupiter. I attended The Giles until June 2020, and then went to Bayview Glen. The Giles School is a great school for learning languages. I built foundations in French, English and Mandarin that have helped me to excel as I continued my studies. I enjoyed the exposure to languages and cultures as well on such fun events as International Day!

Lola Photo

Hello, my name is Lola. I attended The Giles School until 2019. I got accepted to Toronto Prep School. I have always been drawn to the performing arts, and received incredible support from the community at The Giles School in pursuing my passion while advancing my academics. I am so grateful to be an actor today, and think fondly of my time at The Giles School where I built foundations in many aspects of my life. I hope to visit one day soon, I recommend you do as well!

Mira Zine-El-Abedine photo

Hello, I am Mira. I graduated from Grade 8 at The Giles School in June 2022. I currently attend the American Heritage School, which is ranked the number one school in Florida. I learned so much through the Giles School curriculum.  The teachers were able to cater to each student in our small classes. I thrived in taking on leadership responsibilities and improved my interpersonal skills. I am very grateful for my time at the Giles  School and think fondly of all I learned there.

NatalieJiang Photo

Bonjour! My name is Natalie. After graduating from The Giles School in 2022, I went to Havergal. My time at The Giles School prepared me academically for the transition. Within the small classes and with the careful attention of the teachers, I was able to make excellent progress in my studies in every grade. I feel prepared to take on academic and personal challenges with all of the skills I developed at The Giles School.

Nethra Dave  Photo

Hello, I am Nethra. I graduated from the Giles School in June 2022, and joined the University of Toronto Schools.  I had a great journey at The Giles School that I will never forget. I highly recommend the Giles School for its academics, social emotional strength, and its amazing family oriented community. We all felt that we belonged there and were personally supported by our teachers and Principal.

Philip Malkhassian Photo

Hello, I am Philip. I graduated from The Giles School in June 2021, and went on to Saint Andrew’s College. I have been back to visit The Giles and always notice the welcoming and warm atmosphere. The foundational knowledge and skills that I developed at The Giles School have prepared me to learn in a dynamic world. I am grateful to the staff and teachers who showed care and attention to my academic progress. You will feel  part of the school family too at The Giles School!

Philip Photo

Hello, I’m Philip. I was a student at The Giles School until I graduated in June 2018. From there I went on to study at TFS. My years at The Giles School were great, as I learned many things in a caring environment. With the language skills and confidence that I developed at The Giles School I feel ready to take on the challenges I face in secondary school. The Giles community is a fantastic place to learn and grow!


Hello, my name is Rita. I am a former graduate of The Giles School, graduating in June 2019 from grade 8. I continued my studies at Hudson College. I have found that the rigorous academic curriculum at The Giles School built a strong foundational knowledge that has served me well in my high school courses. I felt prepared to take on exams and in-depth projects and results have proven this to be true. I will always remember the dedicated teachers and friendly atmosphere at The  Giles School.

RouhiAssal Photo

Hi! I’m Rouhi. I attended The Giles School for many years of my primary education, and I am now a student at UCC. The Giles School challenged me to be my best, and helped me to balance my busy sports life with my academics. The knowledge and interpersonal skills I built at The Giles School has helped me excel in my new school environment. The Giles School is awesome!

SamuelNedelev Photo

Hi, my name is Sam. I graduated from The Giles School in June of 2020. From there, I went on to study at TFS-Toronto French School. I am so grateful to the teachers at the  Giles School for helping me build my French language knowledge. They made learning fun, while always  challenging me to do my best. Merci! 

Sophie Photo

Hi, my name is Sophie. Following my graduation from The Giles School, I attended St. Clement’s School. My early education at The Giles School has definitely set me up for success in my high school studies. The deep exploration of topics and languages,  and enriched feedback that the teachers are able to provide helped me build solid academic skills. Thank you Giles!

SummerBay Photo

Bonjour je m’appelle Summer. Après avoir fréquenté l’école Giles en cycle primaire, je suis maintenant étudiante à Havergal College.  Je me souviendrai toujours de mon passage à l’école Giles et de toutes les activités amusantes qui ont accompagné mon apprentissage. J’ai beaucoup aimé le concours d’art oratoire, les projets de sciences, et j’ai même lu une histoire que j’avais écrite à travers le haut-parleur qui sert aux annonces de l’école. Quelle expérience ! Mon amour pour les études a fleuri à l’école Giles et j’ai emporté avec moi cette passion qui m’accompagne dans ma nouvelle école.