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French Immersion Program

SK in French Class

French Immersion Program

Students at The Giles School begin an intensive French immersion program at the Pre-K level. Through immersion learning methods children achieve fluency by the time they reach Grade 1 and can master native-like pronunciation by Grade 3, even without multilingual caregivers. By promoting an enriching education environment where teachers are readily available with encouragement, and by fostering beneficial study habits, young language learners can make continual positive progression.

Students from Grades 4 to 8 transition to a STEAM focused curriculum with a blended English and French curriculum. Students new to French can learn the language by having individualized support from our dedicated FLE/FSL teacher.


An immersive French education is provided throughout mainstream classes to aid successful French acquisition. However, for those who require more support, there is also the opportunity for one-to-one lessons. 

In order to boost their skills in a particular area of difficulty, or just to have some general focused attention to accomplish multi-language fluency, individualized lessons are great for learners of all ages. For more information about French instruction on a personal basis for your child, please contact the Principal at