Awaken the mind, quicken the spirit and stir the heart


The motto of The Giles School is to awaken the mind, quicken the spirit and stir the heart.

The Giles School prepares age 2 to grade 8 students to be “WORLD READY”, learning about culture through language and industry. Small class sizes support this strong French Immersion and Introductory French Program.

The Giles community is a deliberately small school that fosters an inclusive, innovative and international education. The promise to stir the heart is grounded in an appreciation for inclusiveness, a small school where everyone belongs; the quickening of the ‘international’ spirit is fostered by a heightened awareness of international cultures through the acquisition of multiple languages.  The awakening of the mind is harnessed by a promise to develop innovative learners. Inclusion is harnessed  through the caring, responsive and intuitive relationship woven between our teachers and each child. Older students take part in leadership classes where they work on service learning projects. Younger students reinforce their social and emotional learning classroom lessons when they engage in three daily outdoor recesses where they can apply their cooperative skills that emphasis kindness and sharing.  An ‘International’ spirit is cultivated when students become bilingual in French and English, as well as gain deep exposure to Mandarin, Spanish, and the other two official languages of the United Nations (Arabic and Russian). Students are encouraged to be innovative in their advanced  classes that include coding, robotics, chess, financial literacy, Science Fair, Music, Visual Arts. Students created our recording studio as an enrichment project! @WORLD READY