About Us

A Welcome Message from the School Principal

Hello Team Giles,

What does learning look like? For me, it mirrors the motto of the Giles School. It should awaken the mind , quicken’ the spirit and stir the heart. The Giles community is a deliberately small school that fosters an inclusive, innovative and international education. I am thrilled to be a part of a school team dedicated to supporting students in their quests to make incredible contributions in their school, work and family lives. If you want to be part of an ambitious learning community, you have come to the right place. As a lifelong learner, I have been inspired by many creative minds including Marie Curie (her selfless devotion to science); Martin Luther King, Jr. (his art of peaceful protest) and Gene Roddenberry (the Star Trek genius, who shares my birthday).

So what makes The Giles School worthy? When you invest in this small school, your child has access to:

  • a culture where it is safe to take risks
  • a place where all students belong
  • a force of talented teachers
  • people who build on individual student strengths
  • a focus on the whole child
  • small class sizes (from 10-18/class)
  • an emphasis on multilingual immersive cultural experience
  • French immersion at the Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 2
  • Mandarin as a third language in Grade 1
  • an activity-based ‘hands on’ education
  • a recognition that each child is unique and exceptional
  • an inclusive learning environment where all learners belong
  • opportunities to pursue their own interests
  • cutting edge technology
  • a first-come, first-served admission process
  • a chance to learn what it takes to thrive in an increasingly complex world

I am a proud principal to be a part of the only school in Canada that meets these bold expectations!

What an exciting time to join such an incredible school. We are thrilled to announce the school will be celebrating our 30th anniversary throughout the coming school year. Our first event will be our Welcome Back Barbecue. Mark the date – Friday, September 6th. Details will arrive via a school blast closer to the date! I look forward to meeting everyone during our first social event!

Warm regards,

Barbara Smith

Barbara J. Smith, PhD ~ Principal of The Giles School