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Stir the Heart
Being Inclusive

Children thrive in our inclusive learning environment where it’s safe to take risks, make mistakes and explore their own interests. Learn More >>


Quicken the International Spirit
Learning Multiple Languages

Learn how your child entering Grades 4 through 8 can still take advantage of a French Immersion education with our new French Intensive class. Learn More >>

Awaken the Mind
Being Innovative

At The Giles School, teachers build creative and critical thinking learning environments. Students present speeches, engage in debates and share their discoveries at our Annual Science Fair, We are committed to supporting a culture of problem-solvers, capable of applying their understandings beyond the simple acquisition of knowledge. At Giles we aim to support a next generation of designers and thinkers prepared to thrive in the 21st century in school, work and life.


The Giles School

We believe all children should be given the opportunity to experience a nurturing and challenging education. That’s why we admit students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Learn More >>




The Giles School
Program Benefits

Are you curious about what your child can achieve at school? Check out all the programs we offer. Learn More >>


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80 Scarsdale Road, York Mills, Toronto, Ontario M3B 2R7 | T 416.446.0825

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